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Essential marketing activities to accelerate your business goals

Areas of research we will conduct subject to your approval include freedom of information requests, conducting cold calls, research papers, annual reports, governmental statistics, unlike some companies all work will also be conducted in-house and we will not use foreign expensive marketing reports that are total guesstimates.

Competitor Analysis

Through our qualified marketers, Paxus can help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of not only your own company, your products and/or services, but your competitors as well, some research we will conduct but not be limited to includes:


  • Your competitors, their products, and/or services
  • Estimated market share
  • Competitiveness
  • SWOT & Pestle Analysis
  • Suggestive actions

Lead Generation

Helping you to make informed, data-driven decisions, We research and deliver B2B leads so your sales team can focus on building long-term relationships with your customers. Our lead generation tasks include but will not be limited to:


  • Identify target sectors
  • Identify top companies in their field
  • Evaluation of marketing options
  • Complied list of potential customers
  • Assistance if needed to contact customers


At Paxus we have experience in working with SMEs to procure various types of products for a plethora of industries such as food and chemical manufacturing from around the world,  Due Diligence is key and our experience helps to only provide you with key suppliers lists.


  • Supplier sourcing & procurement of samples
  • Validation of standards and accreditations
  • SWOT analysis on possible bottlenecks & mitigation steps
  • If needed we can also negotiate costs on your behalf


A trademark is a word, a group of words, signs, logo, symbols, or a combination of these, In conjunction with our graphic design options, we can help you navigate the sometimes complicated aspect of trademarking your product or service. Our trademark assistance includes but is not limited to:


  • Conduct trademark searches for conflicts
  • Trademark application
  • Registering a design
  • Liaise with the Intellectual property office on your behalf